Product development

Simulación 3D
In collaboration with our customers, our engineers participate in the design of the castings, suggesting design improvements in order to optimise the casting process and guaranteeing clients complete satisfaction.

We work with advanced tools to develop the ingate and feeding systems, and the most suitable pattern for each reference.

SOLIDWORKS for 3D design, COSMOS for Finite Element Analysis and MEF NOVACAST for mould filling and solidification simulation.

Advanced tools

  • Solidworks. 3D design
  • Cosmos Design Star. 3D static non-linear FEM simulator
  • Novacast. Mould filling and solidification FEM simulator
  • Intranet. Production management record system
Cosmos Design Star. Análisis MEF
Solidworks. Diseño 3D
Novocast. Simulación de llenado y solidificación
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