New Nub3D SIDIO XR Scanning System

Funosa has recently introduced into their Metrology team a 3D scanner Nub3D, model SIDIO XR.
Pieza 3D
With this purchase, Funosa is provided with the latest technology in capturing complex three-dimensional forms , in order to better our customer service and improve the pattern analysis , raw castings, machined parts, etc.

The main features which have convinced us to install the ICDS XR are:

  • The high performance of the light projection system guarantees the measurement immunity up against the surrounding light changes .
  • The measuring head is adapted to operate in harsh industrial conditions without forgetting its portability and manageability.
  • High scanning speed, 0.3 sec acquisition rate.
  • Precision 0,006 mm to 0,024 mm.
  • Work distance, 330 mm to 1200, ideal for the size of models and castings that we produce at Funosa, castings ranging from 0.5 kg to 120 kg and our maximum pattern size is 1100 x 1200.

The new services which Funosa offers to its clients are:

  • Digitalizing the toolings, as a contingency and security plan.
  • Digitalizing the original samples to achieve a standard as a start up of projects.
  • A 3D comparison between 3D mathematical model and first samples.
  • A study of the material allowance for machining between a scanned casting and 3D model and/or machined casting.
  • Robust analysis of machining method.
  • Study of deformation of the castings for solidification.
  • Study of the wear and tear of the patterns and core boxes.
  • Study of the off-centring.
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